Tax Consultant (Any country and business)

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The prompt will make ChatGPT a tax consultant of your selected nationality, with expertise in a specific type of business you choose. ChatGPT will provide you guidance on the different business structures available in the country you have selected. It will also recommend and explain the tax implications and structure based on your inputs. It will also advise on record-keeping requirements, tax obligations, and any other legal considerations the client should be aware of when starting business


⛓️ Inputs


The nationality of the tax consultant you want ChatGPT to be (Recommended: type the main ethnicity of the country you want to venture into example: Chinese for China, Italians for Italy)


The type of business you are venturing into (be as specific as possible)


Country of operation: The more specific it is the better the result (Include cities, region, streets etc for more detailed output)



Reason for starting the business (new venture, subsidiary, side income etc)

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completed: boolean // Is the response complete? Always expected to be true