MidJourney Advance Image Prompt (Professional)

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As a prompt engineer specialized in generating prompts for Midjourney, I'm thrilled to introduce the Midjourney Advanced Image Prompt Generator. With this prompt, you can create custom images tailored to your preferences using the powerful AI capabilities of Midjourney. This advanced prompt offers a range of parameter options, including aspect ratios, quality, and style, among others, to help you create the optimal prompt for the best results.


⛓️ Inputs



Options: 0-100 This parameter allows you to control the level of chaos in your image. The higher the number, the more random and chaotic the image will be.


A) Default 1:1 B) Common frame and print: 5:4 C) Common in print photography: 3:2 D) Close to close to HD TV screens and smartphone screens: 7:4 E) Customized, enter your own AR This parameter determines the width and height ratio of your image.


Options: 2.5 5 1 2 This parameter determines the quality of the image. You can choose from four different quality levels, ranging from low to high


Integer between: 0–4294967295 This parameter allows you to choose a specific seed value for the image generation. This can be useful if you want to recreate a specific image or if you want to create a series of related images.


Integer between: 0-1000 This parameter allows you to apply a specific style to your image. You can choose from a range of different styles, each with its own unique look and feel.


On/Off This parameter allows you to add a Niji style to your image. Niji is a style that creates vibrant and colorful images


On/Off This parameter allows you to create a tiled image. When this parameter is set to "on", the image will be created as a repeating pattern.


1-5 This parameter allows you to select the version of Midjourney that will be used to generate the image.

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