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Ridezx: A Strategic Blueprint Project Objectives • Name: Ridezx • Goal: Innovate urban mobility with electric bike & scooter rentals. • Target Audience: Urban commuters, tourists, eco-conscious. Design Specs • Colors: Primary: Green (#00cc00, #00e500); Secondary: Purple-Blue (#5350c5, #2ab2e0) • Text/Code Models: text-DaVinci-003, code-DaVinci-002 Command Triggers • #start_code to #iterate_code Website Layout 1. Home: Nav bar, headline, eco-conscious, how it works, testimonials, CTA, footer. 2. About Us: Company journey, mission, values, team. 3. How It Works: Steps and FAQs. 4. Pricing: Structure and comparisons. 5. Contact Us: User form, details, social media. Key Features • Home: Nav bar, Hero section with CTA. • Booking: Form fields, price estimator. • Mobile App: User-friendly UI, safety measures. Development Guidelines • Frontend: React.js, HTML5, SASS,JavaScript • Backend: Node.js, Express, MongoDB • Third-Party: Stripe, Google Maps API, SendGrid • Deployment: AWS, Grafana Detailed Specs • Header: Logo, menu links, “Book Now” CTA. • Hero Section: High-res background, “Book a Ride Now” CTA. • Booking Page: Pick-up, drop-off, date, time, price estimator. Target Audience • Create personas for urban commuters, eco-conscious, tourists. Design & Branding • Design logo variations in Figma. Technical Stack • Frontend: React.js with Redux • Backend: Node.js, Express • Database: MongoDB Web and Mobile Features • Implement lazy loading, and state management in React Native. Testing and Deployment • Jest for unit tests, Selenium for UI tests. • Set up AWS EC2, configure load balancers. Conclusion • Upon agreement, schedule a kickoff meeting for role assignments.


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This variable represents the specific section or component of the Ridezx project that the user intends to work on. For example, “Frontend User Interface” or “Backend Data Management.” This ensures that the generated code or guidance is directly related to the user’s current area of focus.


This tag serves as a categorization marker for all development-related tasks, code snippets, and guidelines pertaining to the Ridezx project. It enables streamlined project management and easier tracking of contributions, ensuring that all work aligns with the overarching goals of Ridezx.


The command trigger is chosen by the user to specify the type of development task they intend to focus on. For example, #start_code for project initialization or #enhance_code for code optimization and refinements.

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