Property purchase/Investment (Foreigner)

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This prompt is to generate the necessary steps to purchase a property in a selected country, city, district or locality. The output will be tailored to you requirement, provide you examples, the links to the necessary processes and other relevant information. This is an extremely useful prompt for investors, property owners, and those who are new to the property market in your own country. Please note that this prompt is only for FOREIGNERS seeking to purchase property in the selected country. Use my other prompts for locals seeking to purchase properties in the selected country.


⛓️ Inputs


Please tell me which country you are looking to buy the property in.


What is the city or district that you are interested in? If you don't have a specific location in mind, let me know and I can give you some suggestions based on your preferences and budget.


What type of property are you interested in purchasing? Here are some common options: Residential property (house, apartment, condo, etc.) Commercial property (office, retail space, etc.) Industrial property (warehouse, factory, etc.) Land (vacant or with a building)


What is your immigration status: Example, citizens, residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented immigrants


What is your nationality? Which country are you from?


What type of ownership are you interested in? Here are some common options: Freehold: You own the property and the land it sits on indefinitely. Leasehold: You own the property for a fixed period of time, after which ownership reverts back to the landowner. Strata: You own a unit in a multi-unit building, with shared ownership of common areas.

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