Task specific GPT prompts consumable as APIs

Let Professional Prompt Engineers do prompt building, so you can focus on building the perfect application

Working with AI is like working with a toddler who knows everything

Anna Bernstein, Prompt Engineer @Copy.ai

Getting precise information out of a LLM is hard

But if the right questions are asked, it can do nearly anything!
How easy does Promptify.ai make it to create (& consume) task specific prompts as APIs? This easy ↓

This can be done on OpenAI's prompt builder playground

Endless Use Cases

Just pick a business application you can think of and start building!
Some examples of Prompt APIs you can make:


Text Adventure Game Builder

Take customised player information as input and build an interactive game returning 2-4 choices at every step

Social Media

Sentiment Based Tweet Replier

Take a tweet and the replier's sentiment as input and return a reponse tweet of that sentiment


Hyperspecialised AI Chatbot

Train GPT-3 with specialised knowledge (for e.g. Operating Manuals, Legal Documents etc)

Are you a Prompt Engineer?
(or know someone who is)

Get started building passive income streams right away with our easy to use prompt API building interface!

🧠 Decide

a business application of GPT-3 to build a prompt API for

✍️ Design

the prompt and set customisable parameters

🚀 Deploy

the prompt to Promptify.ai and set the API call price

💰 Earn!

passive income as devs call your prompt API in their apps

Our Mission

Imagine a future where AI can handle every task for you - from accounting to website building, content creation to business communications. With the rise of GPT-3, this future is already here.

In order to truly unlock the potential of this technology however, we must know what questions need to be asked. Probing and extracting information from GPT-3 is fast becoming an area of specialisation, and it will only become more prevalent with time.

Prompting is the new programming
Our mission is to create viable income streams for prompt engineers and encourage more people to tap into this amazing new opportunity that stands ahead of us.

Join us on our mission to prepare for the future and make the full power of AI technology accessible for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, shoot your Qs at hello@promptify.ai or on Twitter

    • Can I specify the types for user inputs?

      Yes, you can specify the types for user inputs with Promptify.ai interface

    • Can I parse the response of the OpenAI API into certain types?

      For now, the reponse is only in plain text. Your prompt API callers can parse the response into their desired format

    • Whose API key will OpenAI API be called with?

      It will be called with your API key, which you have to provide to Promptify.ai

    • Can my API callers build chat threads by calling my prompt API?

      Yes, they just have to specify the chat ID (and optionally the previous message ID), and Promptify.ai will build chat threads for you

    • Can I make a fine tuned model suited to specific tasks and launch it as an API?

      Absolutely! You can create a fine tuned model with Open AI's fine tuning API, which will return a model name. Specify the name of that model in our Prompt API builder interface and voila! you have a fine tuned prompt API

    • How to decide how much I should price my prompt API?

      You can mark up the API call price depending on how rare the prompt is and how much effort went into building it

    • Can I give a free trial to my API callers?

      Yes, you can set the price at $0 upto a certain number of API calls

    • How much does Promptify.ai charge?

      Promptify.ai charges a flat rate of 10% of the price you set per API call